Red, yellow, green & blue

The four houses

The four colorful houses of our hotel show our enthusiasm for literature, but also for architecture and art in different ways: The Red House with our library, the Blue House with author rooms, the Green House with avant-garde architecture, the Yellow House with literature from Hamburg.

But they have one thing in common: they have all been individually furnished with a lot of dedication.

The Red House


In the morning you can enjoy our legendary breakfast here. With handmade from the region and the house tea blend carefully matched to the water. In the bright winter garden and in fine weather in the secluded summer garden – our resting place in the middle of the city.

Our open house library is also growing at the Motherhouse. Over 300 personally dedicated works by contemporary writers can be found here. Relax while reading in the garden or browse in bed at night. In your unique room: freshly renovated, no two are alike at the Red House.

The following room categories are in the Blue House


Blue house


Yoko Tawada, Joseph Conrad and Max Frisch – they have all dealt in their works with travel, with departure and arrival, with the gathering of experiences and impressions. Our Blue House owes them fourteen author rooms full of inspiration for travelers and globetrotters.

Live here bright and open: urban with lots of exposed concrete, modern with clean lines. Already in the entrance area, the building tells a lot about itself – describes what occupies visitors and makes geometric shapes dance. Literature has fully internalized this house: every room here is a library in itself.

Green house


Boxes stacked on top of each other, some of which protrude from the facade as cubic oriels. Exposed concrete, glass, wood and green granite. Custom made furniture. Rooms full of tranquility, concentration and space, always with the green of the alpine Zen garden in view.
In the avant-garde Green House you always live and sleep facing the garden – in each of the 11 rooms. In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine and tapas on our terrace or their balcony. Amidst light-flooded architecture.

The following room categories are located in the Green House


The following room categories are in the Yellow House


Yellow house


Clear and free you live here, with Nordic tidy attitude and simple form. Our Yellow House has Hamburg literature at its heart, carries a selection of it on every wall.

Like the city, it shows many faces, serving almost every taste with ten different genres: Low German, crime fiction, children’s books. Selected by Stephan Samtleben, for reading addicts. Here act light space and pleasant tranquility. Read.


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