Saturday, 26.08.2023

HAMBURGER LESEFRÜHSTÜCK – Alexander Häusser reads from Karnstedt disappears

When the novel was published by Knaur in 2007, Spiegel online said “…Karnstedt disappears is one of the most poignant German novels of the season.””In quietly haunting images” (Focus), Häusser tells the story of two friends who have not seen each other in over 20 years. Karnstedt has disappeared, and Simon is left to deal with the estate. As teenagers, both shared a secret that seems to be the reason for the mysterious events.

Alexander Häusser, born 1960 in Reutlingen, studied German language and literature, philosophy and history. He has received numerous awards for his work. His novel
was made into a film and ran successfully in cinemas.



Saturday, 26.08.2023


12:00 (buffet and admission from 11:00)



€ 22,00 (reading and buffet)


Hotel Wedina, Gurlittstr. 23

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