Hotel Wedina

Gurlittstrasse 23, 20099 Hamburg
T +49 40 280 890 0
F +49 40 280 890 70

Our international team at reception is available daily from 6 am to midnight.
We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Check-In: from 3PM
Check-Out: before noon



Schlatter Hoteliers GmbH & Co KG
Handelsregister Nr. A 122719
Europäischer VAT Code DE318771249
Steuer-Nr. 22/510/14747
Betriebs-Nr. 164 740 29
Dehoga Hamburg e. V.

Hotel Wedina
Gurlittstrasse 23
20099 Hamburg

T +49 40 280 890 0
F +49 40 280 389 4


Studio Petersil

Concept, Design & Realization

Convoy Interactive


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