Author dedications

Ingrid Noll

Ingrid Noll, born in Shanghai in 1935, had to leave China with her family in 1949. She married, had three children and wrote children’s books. At the age of 54, she wrote her first crime novel, “The Rooster is Dead.” For her second book, “Die Häupter meiner Lieben,” she received the “Glauser” for the best crime novel of 1993; her third novel, “Die Apothekerin,” was filmed with Katja Riemann and Jürgen Vogel.

About the book:

She is not beautiful, but she can cook and tackle. That’s why Lorina became a geriatric nurse and hit the jackpot when she was hired at Mrs. Alsfelder’s villa. Attractive masseurs meet here, and flirtations arise that are better kept secret. Excitement is caused by a poodle that has been talked up and a baby that has been left behind, which visibly revitalize the old lady. Much to the displeasure of her great-nephew, who lurks in wait for the inheritance.