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Angela Steidele

After graduating from high school, Angela Steidele worked as a volunteer for Aktion Sühnezeichen e. V. in Israel from 1988-1990. Doctorate (General Literary Studies) 2002 at the University of Siegen after studying cultural education (literature, music, philosophy, 1990-96) in Hildesheim. Academic activities (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in Uppsala 2003-2004, guest lectureship at the University of Hildesheim 2006-2007) finally give way to own writing projects.
Scientific research, literary writing is Steideles trademark. of your dissertation “As if you were my beloved.” Love and Desire between Women in German-Language Literature 1750-1850 (2003) were followed by biographies of Catharina Linck (In men’s clothes, 2004, awarded the Gleim Literature Prize, new edition revised and supplemented with additional sources 2021) and by Adele Schopenhauer and Sibylle Mertens (Story of a love, 2010, shortlisted for the NDR-Kultur Non-Fiction Book Prize). According to her translation of Dan Wilson’s Goethe men boys. Views on ‘Homosexuality (2012) she published her first novel Rose stem. A Manuscript from the Environment of Ludwig II. (2015; Bavarian Book Prize category fiction, shortlisted for the Alfred Döblin Prize). Anne Lister. An erotic biography (2017; Longlist Portico Prize) forms together with Time travel. Four women, two centuries, one path (2018) and with her Poetics of Biography (2019). Angela Steideles Trilogy on Biographical Writing. On September 12, 2022, her second novel will be published: Enlightenment – A Declaration of Love for the Age of Reason.
In all of her works, “one may laugh and think” (Denis Scheck).