Author dedications

Martin Verg

Martin Verg is a journalist, author, presenter – especially and most of all for young audiences.

About the book:

The most important voices on climate change united in one book: with contributions from Sebastiao Salgado, Carola Rackete, Robert Habeck, Sarah Wiener, Alexander Gerst, Maja Göpel and many others. Dealing with climate change has long since ceased to be a matter for a few experts. The topic has reached all of us – and with it very many questions: How much hope is there actually left? What needs to happen to save the world as we know it? What can each individual contribute? “The Big Book for World Savers” has these and other questions answered by the most important voices in the climate debate. They explain the interrelationships of the most important topic of our time in a child-friendly way. The book provides insights into the topics of energy, nutrition, justice, nature and the environment, mobility and consumption, and makes the complex issues understandable. The book dares to take a unique all-round approach – from climate protection to children’s rights. With numerous photos, illustrations, infographics and many tips and addresses on how and where to get active. A must read for anyone who cares about the future of our planet.