Favourite addresses

Our favourite addresses include art, culture and selected craft locations. Discover Hamburg’s artistic side.

Literaturhaus (Literature House)


What has united us for over ten years now is our passion for literature.


Thalia Theatre


The Thalia is Hamburg’s modern drama theatre for all ages. As versatile as theatre must be.




Waltraud Bethge sells an exclusive range of hand-made paper of outstanding quality. Take time to appreciate them.


Stefan Fink

Once you’ve held Stefan Fink’s perfectly-shaped fountain pens you won’t touch others again. Here you’ll find writing instruments for life.


Knuffel’s Culture Warehouse for Kids

lieblingsadressen_knuffels In Knuffel’s you find everything from wild guys and moles to little caterpillars. Quality objects selected with love - for infants to teenagers. www.kinderkulturkaufhaus.de

Samtleben Bookshop

Everything that Stefan Samtleben offers in his bookshop is guaranteed to be a lite-rary delight. The same high standard applies to the advice and guidance of this ‘professed addicted reader’.


Hotel Haus Norderney

For a German island holiday, consider the Haus Norderney and enjoy this stylish feel-good-hotel, to which we feel very connected.


Kunstmeile Hamburg

One ticket allows entry to five of Hamburg’s renowned art institutions – Kunsthalle (Art Gallery), Bucerius Kunst Forum (private art gallery), Deichtorhallen (Contemporary Art), Kunstverein (Art Club), and Arts & Crafts Museum.


Dirk Michel, Architect

If you’re looking for a brillant architect, we’d like to recommend Dirk Michel. The successful refurbishment of our Red House is proof of his fine sense of form, function and colours.

Here’s his website:


Ernst Barlach Haus

The small and elegant private museum in the most beautiful park of the city is the perfect location to experience the main work of the expressionist sculptor Ernst Barlach.

You’ll be surprised by their temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.