Together with our writing guests we organise the reading series ‘Writers in the Hotel’ several times a year in our Red House. In 2006 this initiative was rewarded with the Hamburg Culture Promotion Prize.

Breakfast Reading

Since the beginning of this year we’ve hosted the Hamburg Breakfast Reading. Once a month with the Hamburg Literature Centre we welcome German- speaking authors to read from their recent works. Please reserve by email at

Readings in the Hamburg Literature House

To thank you for staying with us we have free tickets for a reading in the Hamburg Literaturhaus. Please talk to our reception team about options during your stay if you’re interested.


Our collection of signed copies of books by international authors is the soul of our hotel and accessible to all guest. You can borrow every title at reception. Please visit our growing contemporary library – it’s worth it!

Tributes to the Wedina

Lars Amend - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Tobi Dahmen - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Zeina Abirached - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Paco Roca - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Sarah Bakewell - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Claus Kleber - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Annika Reich - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Eva Menasse - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Olga Grjasnowa - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Stefanie Höfler - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017Terézia Mora - Hotel Wedina Widmung 2017
Lars Amend
Tobi Dahmen
Zeina Abirached
Paco Roca
Sarah Bakewell
Claus Kleber
Annika Reich
Eva Menasse
Olga Grjasnowa
Stefanie Höfler
Terézia Mora

Many authors and artists who stayed in the Wedina in recent years have honoured us with homages, soulful dedications and humorous declarations of love. We created a compilation of the most beautiful works for you.

Illustrated Literature

With students of the Hamburg Academy of Pictorial Arts we designed some of those  homages as pictures. The result is a colourful, magnificent Wedina medley. Have a look yourself.

literatur_thumb_01 literatur_thumb_02


Our newsletter keeps you abreast of our reading series. We’d be pleased to send you the latest edition with news and information about our hotel.

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